Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chloe Sko-zen

We first met Chloe while photographing her in Chicago over a year ago. While young, she has such diversity and maturity in front of the camera as we have tons of fun while shooting. When we found out she'd be in Colorado we were able to meet for a quick afternoon drive, talk and shoot near Boulder. We love to have everything feel as natural as possible without much of an idea of what we want to achieve more what can be perceived in the moment. Chloe is so sweet and happy we were able to link up again to create beautiful work together. This little one is a genuine soul and we only see great things in her future. 

Much love Chloe Skoczen --- it's "Sko-zen"

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pass Thru Georgetown

It has been a few weeks since we have had time to head up to the mountains especially after getting "Rain" we wanted to be home as much as possible getting her settled in and cozy. We love driving to Georgetown, such a cute historic little town which leads up Guanella Pass where we can't help but make constant pit stops along the way. The views are beautiful, love being able to see water, it's a fun little day trip and not too far away from Denver. 

The day was clear and it was beautiful out but as the elevation gains the temperature drops, one can't help but throw on some layers. I put on this BDG 80's denim jacket and absolutely love the color I have nothing like it and it was perfect for a day trip in the mountains.

- Angie


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017


I first met Liv on the set of a photo shoot roughly one year ago. As I was there styling the male model I couldn't help but snap some iPhone shots from each look. I was shocked when I found out that she was only 16, Liv has this commanding yet effortless quality for each look she gave per snap. It was needless to say astounding and Liv's mother, Anna was on set as I couldn't help but lean over to say "she is going to be huge" along with a multitude of other kind opinions. I gave Liv the iPhone shots and in return we spoke about working together for the sake of creativity, inspiration, plus adding to her portfolio. 

Fast forward a few months, at the beginning of Winter 16'. We all got together in Boulder where Angie finally met Liv and her loving mother. There we sat and all began getting to know each other. From there we drove separately where we hit some snowy mountain roads, some pushing of a vehicle out of snow (ours), and high winds with cold temps. Liv, was a champ, we shot at a faster pace with some different looks and it ended up feeling refreshingly fun.

Time lapse forward again to these shots. We finally were able to get together again in Five Points and surrounding spots. There was a really eclectic mix of Angie's closet, thrift, Urban Outfitters, Liv's own, and even my GnR's shirt that was used. Angie styled everything along with hair/makeup and we connected all with locations and Liv provided her skillful gift. We couldn't be happier how everything turned out and UO gave us some cred on their Pinterest which was much appreciated. 

Thank you again Liv for your time and love working with you!

- Matt


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Yellow Living, Taos

For Angie's 34th birthday we ended up deciding last minute to head into New Mexico and found a vintage 50's trailer on Airbnb. This was our first time visiting NM and the drive was great already planning to hit Great National Sand Dunes on the way back. When we first got to the trailer, on a small piece of land just on the cusp of Tao's NM, had four unique trailers with great depth of styling by the host, Amy. We enjoyed getting to know her and the handful of distinct rescue dogs along with the stories of how they all came to be together. The two nights we stayed was the perfect getaway from amazing food, thrift finds, and the area was abundant in character. Being the fans we are and being quite close we decided to drive to Santa Fe and even Albuquerque in one day - of course needing to check out Walter White's home and get some of that blue meth (candy).

Here is part of our trip at the trailer itself and will follow with additional photos later.