Sunday, July 9, 2017


I first met Liv on the set of a photo shoot roughly one year ago. As I was there styling the male model I couldn't help but snap some iPhone shots from each look. I was shocked when I found out that she was only 16, Liv has this commanding yet effortless quality for each look she gave per snap. It was needless to say astounding and Liv's mother, Anna was on set as I couldn't help but lean over to say "she is going to be huge" along with a multitude of other kind opinions. I gave Liv the iPhone shots and in return we spoke about working together for the sake of creativity, inspiration, plus adding to her portfolio. 

Fast forward a few months, at the beginning of Winter 16'. We all got together in Boulder where Angie finally met Liv and her loving mother. There we sat and all began getting to know each other. From there we drove separately where we hit some snowy mountain roads, some pushing of a vehicle out of snow (ours), and high winds with cold temps. Liv, was a champ, we shot at a faster pace with some different looks and it ended up feeling refreshingly fun.

Time lapse forward again to these shots. We finally were able to get together again in Five Points and surrounding spots. There was a really eclectic mix of Angie's closet, thrift, Urban Outfitters, Liv's own, and even my GnR's shirt that was used. Angie styled everything along with hair/makeup and we connected all with locations and Liv provided her skillful gift. We couldn't be happier how everything turned out and UO gave us some cred on their Pinterest which was much appreciated. 

Thank you again Liv for your time and love working with you!

- Matt


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