Thursday, July 6, 2017

Yellow Living, Taos

For Angie's 34th birthday we ended up deciding last minute to head into New Mexico and found a vintage 50's trailer on Airbnb. This was our first time visiting NM and the drive was great already planning to hit Great National Sand Dunes on the way back. When we first got to the trailer, on a small piece of land just on the cusp of Tao's NM, had four unique trailers with great depth of styling by the host, Amy. We enjoyed getting to know her and the handful of distinct rescue dogs along with the stories of how they all came to be together. The two nights we stayed was the perfect getaway from amazing food, thrift finds, and the area was abundant in character. Being the fans we are and being quite close we decided to drive to Santa Fe and even Albuquerque in one day - of course needing to check out Walter White's home and get some of that blue meth (candy).

Here is part of our trip at the trailer itself and will follow with additional photos later.


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