Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sunflower Haze

We've been on such a sunflower high lately determined to find these beautiful fields ourselves. Before we even moved to Colorado we knew these fields existed and always had such an passion in finding them every Summer. We came across two fields completely separate from one another and the second was truly quite astounding going on what seemed to be forever on every end. We pride ourselves in finding these places and the adventure is what brings all this to life.

The magic of each time we've gone there is truly nothing like it, witnessing two rainbows, beautiful sunsets, and having great friends to enjoy them with. 



Monday, August 14, 2017

Full Circle

It is quite rare that I am on the other side of the camera. I am not one to shy away per-say, but I have an affinity to capture the moment myself. I remember years before my mother past she always wanted to photograph me with disposable cameras and I couldn't stand being photographed. Fall back even further and I grew up a baby model for years which was quite successful. Fast forward to now and in my early thrities not being able to put the camera down really due to the two most important women in my life, mother and wife. 

Urban Outfitters hooked it up and working together has been great the past few months. Taking our daily moments while wearing dope gear has been provoking to challenge us creatively. I've been in the fashion world as a stylist for years, management, and more recently visual director for multiple brands. All of our photographs have and will remain organic; working with others is a huge plus as photography has been our outlet together for years now.

Links for the Leather Jacket, Jeans, and Cap

- Matt  // Photos: Angie

Bonnie Brae

The past few weeks the weather in Denver has been feeling quite bi-polar lately with crazy amounts of rain, hail, followed with sunshine. It seems as though Summer is taking quite a dip and Fall is coming in fast which makes me feel like I need to wear dresses as much as possible before the season ends. Urban Outfitters sent me this great red dress from Faithfull the Brand "Jardim Dress" and it felt quite fitting wearing it at Bonnie Brae here in Denver. My fisherman hat is also from Urban, made by Brixton and pairs perfectly with the dress. I'm happy hats like these are coming back I bought a black version of this almost ten years ago from Urban, it's always great when you can put old items to use again. 


Friday, August 4, 2017

Burned Lafayette

Before going to grab pizza we decided to walk around Denver and honestly it never disappoints. There is always some really unique and vine filled buildings around which was a perfect walk to be surrounded by. Back in the 90's we can remember Kipling being the "it" bag to have and it's funny how they are back in style. We got this one at Urban Outfitters and it's great to carry around a nostalgic yet modern backpack. A girl can never go wrong in a red dress, also from UO, no matter the occasion, it's bold and the cut off sleeves with a raised neck line make it very bad-ass. With us both growing up in the 90's we definitely still keep a huge part of the styling still to this day, not particularly sticking to one era but great to mix it up with also having high top Chucks.