Friday, August 4, 2017

Burned Lafayette

Before going to grab pizza we decided to walk around Denver and honestly it never disappoints. There is always some really unique and vine filled buildings around which was a perfect walk to be surrounded by. Back in the 90's we can remember Kipling being the "it" bag to have and it's funny how they are back in style. We got this one at Urban Outfitters and it's great to carry around a nostalgic yet modern backpack. A girl can never go wrong in a red dress, also from UO, no matter the occasion, it's bold and the cut off sleeves with a raised neck line make it very bad-ass. With us both growing up in the 90's we definitely still keep a huge part of the styling still to this day, not particularly sticking to one era but great to mix it up with also having high top Chucks. 


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