Saturday, September 2, 2017

Simple Man

While growing up in and out of NJ and NY state, Woodstock area, my mother embedded all variations of rock music into me. I don't think I can listen to any Lynyrd Skynyrd without thinking of my childhood and her, so it was quite nice to receive a shirt from Urban Outfitters that represented my past. 

I am quite the collector of denim, wearing it just about everyday. I'm not sure if it came from working at Levis or All Saints, but I love to find unique pieces especially thrift ones. Also dare I say wearing denim on denim consistently with contrasting tones is norm everyday. 

These shots were grabbed when driving through Loveland Pass and a separate time at Piney Lake in Vail. The scenery of this state never ceases to amaze me yet at the same time still can't seem to kick the city aesthetic part of me and only rock mountain gear.


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