Saturday, January 27, 2018

90's vibes

I finally had some time this week to select and edit my favorite shots of this look from a little while ago. I'm so stoked to be collaborating with TOBI. They have a great selection of items for all ages and styles. If you couldn't already tell I'm a product of 90's styling, not just because it's trendy now, but I literally grew up in the 90's finding my sense of style so I always gravitate toward wearing something that represents that era. Now wearing a dress in the winter can be tricky, especially if you always run cold like me and a bonus of living in Denver, but this is a fun way to wear a dress and not freeze your butt off. I never "pre-plan" my looks, instead I tend to go with the flow of how I'm feeling in the moment and in particular that day I wanted to feel a little bad ass, so I added one of my favorite vintage tees underneath paired with some combat boots to give it more attitude.


Thursday, January 25, 2018

You Glow Girl

We've been working collaborating with Urban Outfitters for a some time and we honestly couldn't be happier to be a part of their community. During the Holiday season they were so kind to send me a gift box with some goodies I could not wait to play around with. My favorite thing is definitely the "You Glow Girl" sign. I knew I had to do something special with it, so my creativity struck and I decided to give our room a little makeover mixing some of Urban Outfitters items and a few from Ikea. I'm lucky enough Matt let me take a little corner of our bedroom designated for my favorite looks of the moment and finally a cute makeup section, something I always needed to have so I don't have to constantly keep bringing my makeup back and forth to the bathroom where the good light is lol.
Here are some photos of the changes we made and of course none of this would have been possible without my amazing husband's help and of course Rain <3

Links of items used below

Multi Use Shelf
Clothing Rack
You Glow Neon Sign 
Heart Neon Sign 
String Lights
Googly Eye Planter
Metal Stacking Stool
Photo Clip String Lights
Utility Cart


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

You'll never grow old

A few months ago The Cords & Co reached out wanting to send us some pieces of their Fall collection. We were not familiar with the brand but as soon as we saw their style and products we knew it was right up our alley. When I saw all of their pieces are corduroy I knew I had to say yes. I've been obsessed with corduroy for years, having been around it ever since I can remember due to my parents growing up in the 70's where it really took off and was a staple of their generation. Growing up my mom always had amazing corduroy pants and jackets and it definitely made an impact on my style. Most of our style comes from being influenced by our parents and a combination of the different eras they and we grew up in. The fact that some of these amazing companies have been reaching out to us wanting to collaborate is so humbling and exciting. Knowing that people out there like what we create is something we've dreamed of and we are both so grateful for that.
I wanted to share these photos of me wearing The Cords & Co jacket, definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now, so timeless, I can have this for years to come and never get bored of it. Lately I've been wearing comfy things and this was just perfect for this sunny Fall day in Red Rocks or a city stroll. Hope you guys like it! Feel free to leave comments below, I'd love to hear what you think <3 and definitely check out The cords & Co website, they've recently done a collaboration with Alpha Industries and it's so dope.

Thanks for reading! 

 Photos by @theemattsayers
Styling, hair & makeup by me 


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Street art

I've been home all week taking care of Matt after he had shoulder surgery last Tuesday. I figured I would take some of the free time I have while he rests to go through the content we created a few weeks back but never got around to post due to the circumstances. I know I'm not the fun super exciting traveling like crazy takes photos of everything type of blogger, but I like it that way. I try to share what I want and when I feel like I want to, my life is not perfect and that's ok I don't pretend it to be. Those of you who follow us understand things in life sometimes can be rocky and we don't try to hide it. These past few days have definitely been rough, but I'll save that for another post. Right now during the healing process we're trying to focus on the positive and are really excited to be working with some new brands who have recently reached out.

Photos by my better half @theemattsayers <3

Wearing head to toe Urban Outfitters 
Sunnies from zeroUV 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It's been a while

It's been a while. Not sure if anyone reads these posts but I felt the need explain why I haven't been blogging much lately. It's been two months since I've posted anything on here and there are reasons for that, good reasons. Sometimes in life you can plan things but not everything goes as well as you hope and you have to take some time to prioritize. A little over two years ago shortly after moving to Colorado, I started experiencing some health issues. It all started out of no where and every day for the past two years I've been living with chronic pain. I went to a few doctors and eventually they found I have a herniated disk on my neck, just normal "wear and tear" as the docs all call it. So knowing that, I had to make a few lifestyle changes and realized that I needed to take care of myself more and focus on getting better. Living with pain is definitely not an easy thing to deal with, but I try my best to do what I can to help my body in getting back to feeling strong. I started a new treatment with a new Chiropractor and this consists of adjustments twice a week and physical therapy. Anyway, long story short, I basically have to break my body down and start from zero and build it back up again. I've always been a petite girl (just like my mom was) and so my whole life I never really cared much for working out, I always did the occasional runs in the mornings and every once in a while I would remember to stretch and that combined with the many retail jobs I had in the past brought me here. So I've learned from this that you can't leave things for later, began listening to my body and you must dedicate enough time to do things that help your well being. I started doing Yoga stretches every morning combined with strengthening exercises. Besides dealing with my physical pain and trying to work towards feeling stronger and healthier, Matt has also been dealing with his own pain from an injury he had at work about a year ago for which he'll be having surgery six days from now. We both try to manage all of this the best way possible, of course there are days where we both don't feel the best physically and have regroup and focus on our health first. Managing that, plus both of our jobs, leaves us with very little time to work on our creative things, but that's always been such a big part in our lives and we can't let go of it, we enjoy it and it keeps our minds off of all the problems life throws at us even if it means sometimes we have to work through the pain. Some days are better than others and we try to focus on the good rather than always thinking about the bad. We're there for each other and we know there's nothing we can't overcome. As cliche as this may sound, everything in life is a lesson and these are the things that make you realize what really matters. 

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