Sunday, January 21, 2018

Street art

I've been home all week taking care of Matt after he had shoulder surgery last Tuesday. I figured I would take some of the free time I have while he rests to go through the content we created a few weeks back but never got around to post due to the circumstances. I know I'm not the fun super exciting traveling like crazy takes photos of everything type of blogger, but I like it that way. I try to share what I want and when I feel like I want to, my life is not perfect and that's ok I don't pretend it to be. Those of you who follow us understand things in life sometimes can be rocky and we don't try to hide it. These past few days have definitely been rough, but I'll save that for another post. Right now during the healing process we're trying to focus on the positive and are really excited to be working with some new brands who have recently reached out.

Photos by my better half @theemattsayers <3

Wearing head to toe Urban Outfitters 
Sunnies from zeroUV 


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