Monday, February 26, 2018

Teddy Bear

Went out for brunch with some friends, did things outside, took pictures in front of building-it was a wild day =p

 Outfit deets


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Oregon Coast

The month was April and Matt and I were in desperate need of a coastal trip. We had recently lost our cat who had been with us for 13+ years. We were feeling so down and had been planning a getaway before it all happened and I'm so glad we decided to still go through with it. Living in Colorado has many ups and downs like everything in life I guess, but for me being away from the ocean is something I'll never get comfortable with. I have this constant feeling of being trapped by these beautiful mountains, I know it sounds crazy, but to me, there is nothing more peaceful than the sound of the waves crashing and ever since I can remember it has been my dream to live near one. Going back to April of last year, we booked a trip to Oregon, got an Airbnb in Pacific city, rented a car and just started driving. We had no plans, no itinerary, we just knew being near the ocean was something we both really needed at the time. We'd forgotten what humid winters felt like and the freezing temperatures nor the rain was going to stop us from exploring the coast. 



Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nude Mines

Today marks three weeks since Matt's surgery and though it has been difficult we have been spending lots of quality time together at home, as his recovery will take months. We have taken some of that time to do things we love and to both heal, we've begun going through some of our old work, watching endless seasons of shows we never had the time to before, and finally slowing down a bit. Since we moved to Colorado two years ago every weekend became a road trip, wanting to explore as much as we could of our new home state, and I think we did so much of that our mind and body haven't had a chance to stop whereas it finally caught up to us.

Though our adventures have been stunted by uncontrollable circumstances, this time of reflection has allowed us both to focus on our health and to get back to once again being centered. 
For years now we have been documenting and sharing our adventures through life together with only sharing a glimpse through social media. Our intention with this blog is and has been to share much more than we have in the past, including who we are now along with who we were and how it got us to this point.

With this time at home, we have been going through our archives and will be sharing our work from the past and present. You guys will get a more in depth view into the evolution of our photography together and separately throughout the years.

These shots were taken at Paint Mines during our first Summer in Colorado. As you may have seen before, this is one of our top favorite spots to visit and photograph since it makes us feel as if we're in a different planet.