Thursday, March 29, 2018

Back At It

It has been roughly just over two months since my shoulder surgery and I finally had the ability to start driving again. We decided to not stray too far yet but still wanted to go on a little outdoor excursion with Rain so we headed to Georgetown for the day. Unfortunately the roads up to Guanella Pass were closed for the season because of snow, it was in the 60's and the weather was beautiful over looking the town below. My recovery truly has been rocky, some days are good and others just as bad, but it will take time making incremental steps toward a pain free recovery. It's fun taking this fur ball with us almost everywhere we go, people are almost in disbelief when seeing her in the car or poking her head out the window when driving, especially being in a state so heavily dog friendly. I'm glad to be able to lift a camera again and get back to a routine of exploration with my girls, it hasn't been the most positive recovery mentally so getting back in the groove is a nice boost. I find people don't care to speak about when they are down, only when they are high up as though it shows this vulnerability or weakness to those around them or in this case reading about. Although I beg to differ the cultural norm, when I'm at my lowest I always seem to crawl to a much better mental state especially having the support of Angie and this little one who became our proxy child. It has been great collaborating with so many brands, but the clothing is just a cloak upon which sparks creative avenues for us to work on trying to not only make a name for ourselves but brand a business of "Two Sayers". Except, in the scheme of it all, it's just fucking clothes - there is so much going on in the world and in our personal lives, except it allows us to navigate through all of that to create art together, which at the end of the day transcends to make beauty. I've been taking time writing again, as I have since I was ten, recording music once more and just taking time creatively for myself aside from photography. The energy I want to put out there is for me, and sharing it has never been easy, not because of the idea of what those around me think - but myself not wanting to share all of me. In fact I don't think people deserve to truly know too much about who I am, I have this resistance to letting people in too close and I stay guarded because let us rememeber, it's the internet. I appreciate all the support from those who continue to follow and want to see who we are truly, just two thirty something year olds who have been married since twenty years old. Over these past few years of being in Colorado, there has been so many trials and tribulations leaving the east coast only to get where I am now family wise, career goals, and most importantly planning our next move towards the future. Thank you to those who have shown us support, many of whom continue to not only follow us on social media but diligently read our posts. Much love.

- Matt


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