Tuesday, March 6, 2018


For the past three years I've been growing my natural hair out, it has been a long journey. Being the daughter of a hair stylist, my whole life hair has been a big part of me and who I am. I grew up watching my mother do hair for many years and to me it has always been a form of art. It was one of her many talents and she was the greatest I've seen at it. Ever since I was little I just remember wanting to be like my mom, she always had the most gorgeous hair and I just have this memory of me always thinking I couldn't wait to be an adult to start doing things to my own hair just like she always did. Even though I grew up with a mother as a hair stylist I wasn't allowed to dye my hair until I was sixteen years old - care to guess what the first thing I ever did to my hair was?...Yep, it was highlights! I've mentioned this before in another post but I grew up in the 90's (yeah I'm old-ish) so of course I had to have highlights done. My mom always did everything to my hair and we both loved doing it together, that was our thing. She'd bring me to work with her sometimes when I was on vacation and I would just sit there watching her work magic on other people and during Christmas time she would have lines of people out the door of her studio to get their hair done by her. After I started experimenting with my hair during my teen years I couldn't stop, I would constantly change color and style until one day I just got tired of it and decided to give it a break. In the back of my mind I remembered what my mother always used to tell me right when I started messing with my hair, she'd always say "Don't dye your hair until you absolutely need to", well mom, I kind of need to now. After taking that well deserve break from frying my hair with bleach I felt a change was needed, also started having some pesky greys coming in so thought it was the right time to change it. I'll always be grateful for the little things she imparted in me, as for some people it may be silly, but every time I do my hair or just stare at it I get the feeling she's always there with me. Every time I get dressed or put on makeup I feel like in a way I'm staring at a version of my mother and I get the sense she's all around me in everything that I do because without her there would be no me.

 My mom and I, October 6th 2004.

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