Friday, April 6, 2018


Two years ago, shortly after moving to Colorado, Matt got me an Canon AE-1 35mm film camera and ever since we have been collecting film shots or as I like to call them, memories. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember taking photos with my mom's Kodak camera, I don't remember what type it was, I just remember always being so excited whenever she would buy a roll of film which usually meant we were going on a road trip. You see, I didn't grow up in the perfect house or a comfortable life to say the least, for us back then buying a roll of film was something that didn't happen often, so you can imagine my excitement whenever my parents would get some. I come from a humble family, we used to live in a barrio in Venezuela, my parents had a rocky marriage but some of our best memories as a family were those road trips we took and I'm glad we had that film camera then to document the happy times we had together. I would say that's where my love for film was born. 

Matt on the other hand grew up with a mother who constantly documented his upbringing through disposable cameras. We have boxes of printed photographs from the moment he was born until his late teens that his mom would literally at times, make him take. There is something different having a tangible photograph in your hand, a one shot possibility for better or worse until it's developed. The irony of how Matt became bitter towards wanting his photograph taken until years later after his mother passed he picked up a camera and it came quite natural. 

I'm glad we both share this affinity towards film, but that our stories though different coincide with the example our family set for us to this day.  We are going to start sharing our film photographs every week in a little section we'll call "Film Friday". It will be attached to our menu bar and will include film also from our past. 

Here is a set of photos we took last year on Angie's birthday where we went to stay in a really cool retro trailer in Taos, New Mexico. On our way back up north to Denver we made a pit stop at the Great Sand Dunes, which never disappoints.



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