Monday, April 9, 2018

Hangar Space

 It's finally feeling like Spring in Denver. If you know me, you know warm weather is my thing. Coming from South America and being in the U.S for sixteen years I'm still not used to the freezing cold temperatures both Colorado and NY/NJ have. I will say though, winters in Colorado feel a little better than the East coast, I love that most days are sunny and not constantly gloomy, it definitely helps me have more energy and the weather here makes the snow melt so much quicker. Glad it's finally Spring and we can slowly feel the change in the air and see the trees blossom, people's moods changing into better ones and driving with the windows down. This day was so beautiful out, so I wanted to wear lighter colors, neutrals tones are must have in your closet, they're easy to wear and to mix and match. Click the links below for outfit details

Handbag: Vintage

Photos by @theemattsayers


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