Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ain't no sunshine when I'm gone

Been trying to find our niche out here in Denver hasn't been the easiest, especially creatively. Back in NJ/NYC there was such an abundance of city life, wide range of culture, and areas that sparked constant creativity. Being in Colorado now for almost three years has gotten Matt and I to basically restart our mentality and try to remain not only as true to ourselves but create art that we find special for us which we then share with you. We run through our everyday lives not knowing in a way where everything is headed or planned but that's how we not only work but live our lives - as unstructured as it may sound. We've been a couple photographing our way for years now and hone in on styles for better or worse in a city and state which doesn't truly understand the diverse culture that is expanding at the moment. Basically, we are making the best our of situation, though people may not understand how and why we represent ourselves the way we do, we've found our way of doing things and will continue to stick to it. No matter what we always realize it is and has been us two doing this for years now and continuing to learn from every moment we pull out the camera or put a look together when going through our day. We are not your typical, we are the atypical - and that's perfect for us.

Earrings, similar here
Jacket, here
Crop top, Vintage find
Track pant, here
Sneakers, here
Bag, Vintage find


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