Thursday, May 24, 2018

Girly Vibes

Every now and then I like to embrace my girly side, I'm usually not one who loves pink but if it's done the right way I'm all for it, like this dress for example, I love the cut outs on the sides and the way it fits and hugs the right places on your body. I always have to add something that's comfortable to my outfits and sometimes a little bad-ass too, in this case I went with sneaks because like I said, comfy. We found this cute house on our way to lunch and I told Matt we had to stop and get some photos of my dress because I just loved how the colors of the dress, the white fence and the tree made it the perfect location for this look. That is usually how we find every location, we're driving somewhere and there it is, our eyes are always noticing the little things and if something calls out to us we stop and take a few shots. In this case it was funny because cars would drive by and beep and someone even yelled at me "Werk it girl" haha so that was an awkward and fun little moment.


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