Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Under Construction

Today I want to share a few things I started doing lately in order to keep myself active and happy. I recently started running again every morning, for a while due to my previous job I had very little time to take care of myself and that led me to feel many different pains and aches in my body. I realized that even though I needed the paycheck, having a job that that was highly stressful was doing my body and soul no good so I knew it was time to change. Now that I have the free time to focus on things that are important I've been trying to stick to a routine every morning and have been moving my body more and just overall practicing some more self care. So many people have such busy lives and even if you don't, for some reason as humans sometimes we put our health second or third when in fact it should be our number one priority. But it's never to late to start caring for yourself, not that I didn't care before, I always try to eat as healthy as I can and drink plenty of water, do yoga in the mornings but I was lacking a bit of more physical activity that sometimes due to the winter months get me unmotivated to get out there and work out. I'm really trying to prepare myself for change, as my birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I always try to reflect and see what changes I need to make and alter the complacency I find myself in. 

After moving here from NYC a place where there is constant change I found myself lacking that in my every day life, I at times feel bored because NYC was such a big place and there was so much to see but then I realized one of the reasons why we came here was to find that peace and quiet we couldn't get in a big city. It's tough also wanting both, my cake and eating it too, except I'm used to a cultural melting pot and the racial division is very apparent every time I go out or in general as the city is growing. I used to blend in to some level in NYC just from the sheer volume of people and buildings but just being myself here makes one feel like a fish out of water at times. It's not to say Denver isn't forward thinking, but as an immigrant who came to the tri-state area and lived for thirteen years it's hard not to miss something as astounding as NYC. Being here threw me for a loop especially when it came to getting dressed and going out because my truest of self is rather grunge - I began to segway from that not even realizing I was losing a huge creative part of myself having left the city. That is no fault to anyone except myself and these are the moments where even the smallest of things of how I represent myself not for others but to who I am truly is what I've been lacking where I needed to jolt myself back to reality and express me regardless of anything. I'm really trying to just live every day for what it is and as I'm getting older I realize the importance of certain aspects in my life and what I need to change in order to become a better version of myself each day. 

Outfit Details

T-shirt, Vintage
Jacket, here
Skirt, here
Belt, here
Sunnies, here
Booties, here 
Bag, thrifted


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