Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Quick Escape

Sometimes I don't have much to say, I just wanted to share these photos because we take too many of them lol. These were taken in Georgetown, CO a few weeks ago when we were driving to Mt. Bierstadt. We like driving up whenever we feel like getting away for the day and seeing something different, those are some of the great advantages of living in Colorado.

Shoes (really old)


Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Hey its been a minute, I just wanted to post some content we've had, just been busy IRL. A friend came to visit last week and I was hosting her as well reminds me to disconnect sometimes. I find it necessary in the era we live in, we all tend to be addicted to our phones and try to document our lives not realizing that you are missing out on just living in the moment. Here's a quick look we shot a few weeks ago for LoveStitch


Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Only those who grew up or are familiar with the 90's will get the title of this blog post. I couldn't help but think of hammer time with these pants except mine are less corny and more fashionable lol. For a while now I've been into these pants but I didn't have the courage to wear them since they're a bit long but I decided to embrace that and not care, it's quiet liberating. I think I'm just going to be one of those people who never dresses age appropriate, but let's be honest, why let society tell you how to live your life or what to wear according to age or social status, we only have one life so we just have to do what makes us happy and what brings us joy and in this case, wearing these pants and rocking the shit out of them kicked more confidence into me. The power of an outfit as stupid as it might be, sometimes they can make us feel different in better ways and that's why I love playing around with styling, some days I can be all girly and others I just feel like being a bad ass and that's the same attitude I plan on taking in life. Sometimes I don't realize I put myself down, I'm too hard on myself and to be honest we all are that way but I think we can do better, we can learn to love ourselves in a way that's not so self absorbed or narcissistic but more so in a way that we know we are made of flaws. There's always beauty within ourselves and not just relying on what you wear but in who you are as a person.

Plaid (thrift find) 

Photos by @theemattsayers


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What's up Doc

I've been wanting a pair of Doc Martens for years but every time I'd tried them on something about it would throw me off, I'm a petite girl so whenever I'd have them on I just felt like they gave me clown feet and made them look huge, but something about these platform Docs somehow they work for my tiny ass body so I figured why not embrace my clown feet and roll with it. I've had my eyes on these for months but every time I would try to get them they would sell out almost immediately. Luckily my UO fam was able to send me a pair and I was so stoked when they got delivered. Once I put them on they fit like a glove, in fact I went half a size smaller and I was surprised they fit so well. They are a little heavy easy to get used to and honestly every time I have them on I can't help it feel like a bad-ass. Also, you may have noticed I keep wearing this belt and I honestly could wear it every day, I used to have one in the 90's and glad they came back in style.

 Outfit Deets
Sunnies were a thrift find

Photos by @theemattsayers