Friday, July 13, 2018

Cloud 9

A few weeks ago my Instagram account was disabled - for reasons unknown to me. I had a friend whom works at IG and was able to help me get the account back up, though unfortunately after one week of it up and running - IG then deleted any photo I would post. So rather then feeling discouraged I opened a new account and it widened my view upon where I started photography with Angie and where we've progressed over the years. 

Back in the day in NJ/NYC we started out doing conceptual, imaginative creations through our photography which developed into refining our skills over the years. I don't know what it was about losing my IG that had this sense of a clean slate - don't get me wrong it sucks, immensely to have garnished years of memories, friends, connections, etc only to just be wiped away. *Sidenote - IG doesn't have customer service, so if this happens to you - 99% be sure you won't get your account back and it'll be blamed on their "AI" system doing it automatically - but I disgress*

Angie and I decided to mess around with what truly got us started, our imagination to create versus just style - it's a fusion of it all. More often then not we forget what taught us to be who we are because oneself gets full of knowledge and your busy carving the path forward we don't take the time to see the wake behind us. This is paying homage to the us from years ago, it felt nice getting out and being puzzled of what or how to create something visually appealing but at the end of it - something we are happy about. There will certainly be more of this coming in future posts but for now, it's day by day - take it moment by moment. Enjoy.

- Matt

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