Thursday, August 30, 2018


I'm stoked to share with you guys my new collaboration with NA-KD, a super dope and fast growing company based in Europe carrying amazing brands including, Calvin Klein, For Love and Lemons, Ray-Ban, Cheap Monday,  Motel Rocks, Quay Australia to name a few. While also creating their own label NA-KD which has a great variety of styles, they are one of the top 20 leading fashion companies in the world, so of course you can imagine my excitement when they asked me to collaborate with them. 
I wanted to create a look that represented my style to a "tee" which can be very eclectic. I'd say on this particular day I was going for a mixture of  badass with a hint of  basic.
When it comes to styling myself, I always choose pieces that are timeless, I learned throughout the years of collecting clothes via impulse shopping in my early twenties that though is fun to stay in trend, more often it's best to select items that can always be worn in order to build a good wardrobe that will remain relevant. All while still having some trendy elements and something you can keep wearing years from now.  
The look I chose is a great way to transition from Summer to Fall. It has basic, yet still chic elements which are still fun and versatile, something that I know I'll still be wearing a few seasons from now and pieces that can be worn separately as well to create many different looks with them.

I'm also excited to share with you a coupon code Angie25 in case any of you babes want to do some shopping on NA-KD's website (coupon is only valid until tomorrow 8/31/17).
 As always all details of this look are below. I hope you guys like it!

Much love <3

What I'm wearing

Photos by @theemattsayers


Tuesday, August 28, 2018


A few weeks ago I received an email from SHEIN wanting to collab with me. I was very excited do so since I've shopped with them before, they are known for having fashionable yet effortless pieces for all different ages, catering to young women and teens who like to keep up with style trends without breaking the bank. They had me select two pieces to create a look and these were the results. This outfit was just $16! how awesome is that!? I chose these super cute wide leg pants and crop top (links below) which were so comfortable on this really hot day walking around downtown. They were also sweet enough to create a promo code  twosayers15 to share with my followers and I know a few of you were already asking me about this outfit when I posted it on my Instagram story, so I hope you take advantage of the discount while it lasts! If you end up getting something I would love for you guys to share it with me!

What I'm wearing

Photos by @themattsayers

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Who knew the parking lot of a UC Health would have such cute staircase which happened to match my shorts and skin tone. As I said on my previous post, I'm wearing as many Summer fits as I can before it starts to get chilly and this look in particular was one of those last minute outfits which to me always end up being the best ones and my most favorites. When in doubt, wear something out of the ordinary, in this case, my husband's shirt is the statement piece. I love adding a little masculine touch to my looks sometimes, it keeps them simple yet chic while still being comfortable. You may be shocked that I'm wearing heels lately, but I'm just having fun with it and I figured why not put all of the years of collecting shoes to good use. Also my legs are extra glowy all thanks to Salt By Hendrix's Body Glow

What I'm wearing:
Shoes (Zara old)
Earrings (my moms from the 90's)

Photos by @themattsayers

Thursday, August 16, 2018


With Summer coming to an end, I've made it my mission to take advantage of the good weather we've been having in Denver, so for the next few posts I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite Summer looks with you guys.  
I recently had the opportunity of collaborating again with TOBI. They are an online fashion retailer based out of L.A, they have such a wide range of designs and styles for that city and beach girl vibes - which are my favorite styles to play with. They have super cute and affordable pieces and it's always a pleasure working with them because they make the whole process so easy and fun. 
With this look I'm wearing the Cara Black long tie crop top which has been a staple for me this season, I styled it with a mini skirt because I rarely get to wear them and lately I've been trying to embrace my girlie sexier side and a blazer because, well, I do live in Colorado so you never know when the weather might drastically change, so I've learned to never leave home without a layer. 

Photos by @themattsayers

What I'm wearing
 Skirt (old) similar here and here
Earrings (sold out) similar here
Hand bag (thrift find)


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I've been sitting on a lot of photos that Matt and I randomly take whenever we go out and since I have a lot of free time lately, I figured why not start posting on here more often. Most times these little shoots we do for the blog are very random, it can be any place we see that suddenly stands out to us. On this day for example, we went downtown to get food as usual and stopped to take a photo by this building because I like how the color of the building and the letters on the floor matched my shoes, like I said, random lol but that's kind of how we both work, something stands out and we make something more out of it. That's one of the many things I love about doing this photo and blog thing together, we both have different perspectives and while bringing them together we try to always find beauty in ordinary things and create something organic. 

All photos by @themattsayers

What I'm wearing
Bag - thrifted