Friday, September 7, 2018


Ever since we moved to Colorado we've made a little tradition every summer and go searching for sunflower fields. We used to do the same in Jersey and we just love the challenge of finding them on our own, there is something rewarding about that, so each year we make the drive and don't stop until we find them and a couple of weeks ago we did just that. When visiting these fields we always respect the land, since these are mostly owned by farmers who make a living out of this, we never like to step into the fields too much and we find ways to photograph them without going into their private land and damaging anything. I've heard a lot of stories about people going to visit and thinking these are just public lands and they take flowers with them or ruin their crop, which is stealing money from them and it's so messed up. Sorry for the PSA but many of you need to hear this. Either way just saying to be decent human and be respectful of their property.
This year the fields weren't as abundant as the previous seasons but we found this little one off of Reddit by accident after taking a few hours in the car getting lost around the area. We always end up getting to the fields after sunrise and just before sundown so at times the light can be harsh especially shooting into the Sun - but with some overcast and luck our time was definitely rewarded with great moments and photos. 
With the cold rolling in and Fall on its way - unfortunately, we think this may be the only time we see the sunflowers this season but glad we scoped this one out and it's always a happy time seeing endless sunflowers fading into the horizon.

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