Thursday, September 13, 2018


I've been wanting a suit for a while but I could never find one that fit me well, I'm a petite girl so dress pants and jackets tend to be a bit big on me, though I love oversized clothes, I had been waiting until I found the perfect suit for me. Sans Souci sent me this a a couple of weeks ago, the pants were a little big on my waist but all I had to do was take them to my tailor and she was able to adjust the waist line and it is now one of my top favorite things in my closet, I love pieces that I can mix and match and turn into many different outfits.
 I'm not the type of person who gets hyped about sneaker releases, in fact I can't keep up with it (sorry I'm not that cool) I'm more so the type to set my eyes on a pair and when I like them enough I invest a little money into them and they have to be something I know I'll be wearing often. I've had my eyes set on chunky white sneakers for a while, I just couldn't decide what I wanted until I saw the Nike's MK2, I knew that they'll be the perfect pair for me to have to complete all my end of Summer/Fall looks. 
On another note, Matt and I were invited to attend Grandoozy this weekend, It's the first time Denver is having a festival this large and we are so excited. We'll be documenting the event so expect a blog post about it soon. If you're in Denver, they still have tickets available so you should definitely think of checking it out, so many great artist coming to the area.

What I'm wearing

Belt (thrift find)

All photos by @theemattsayers


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