Sunday, September 9, 2018

Wake up your hair (care tips)

Hair has always played a really big part in my life and who I am. As you may know, I grew up with a hair stylist as a mother, so hair care has always been important for me. My mother taught me at a really young age that less is more, she would always say to try and keep my hair as natural as I possibly can for as long as I could. In my early twenties I would change my hair color constantly, I went from being dirty blonde, to having ombre hair and back to my usual brunette but when I turned thirty I decided to stop coloring my hair and just let my natural hair grow. I did that for about five years but part of me sometimes gets a little bored with having the same hair style/color. Sometimes it's just fun to change it up a bit so in March I decided to chop off all of my natural hair and get a little balayage done. It's been six months since that, I have to admit I have been blessed with good hair, my mother & hair stylists would always say that, especially during my high school years when I was obsessed with Rachel Green's hair and I remember me and my best friend would bleach our hair and would do highlights almost every month. We would use my mom's hair products to do it to each others hair, (something I definitely do not recommend if you want to keep you hair healthy) but those were some fun experimenting times, my mom definitely didn't think so though lol.
I get a lot of questions on how I care for my hair, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share what I have been doing all of these years to keep it healthy. When it comes to hair for me, like I said previously, less is more. If I ever color my hair I make sure I get the most natural color as possible and I don't do it often, since I have a balayage now is very low maintenance so I normally would get it re-touched every six months. I'm no hair expert but one who has learned much over the years, so here are some tips I want to share with you in case you want to follow:

1- Don't wash your hair too often: washing your hair too often can strip the natural oils from your hair and dry it out too much. The longer, thicker, curlier and more processed your hair, the longer it can go between washes (In my case I wash mine every 3 to 4 days). If your hair gets oily quickly, invest in a lightweight dry shampoo. (I do this on my third day of not washing my hair because my roots tend to get a little oily). I have been using Grow Gorgeous Density Shampoo Intense but any shampoo without too many harsh chemicals should be good, try to always think the cheaper the price, the worse it will be for your hair.

2- Condition: After washing my hair I always make sure to condition it for at least ten minutes. Conditioner will improve moisture in your hair, it will make it softer and more manageable and easier to brush. 
We all have distinct types of hair and therefore each type needs a different care, in my case my hair is thick and it has a natural wave so by using conditioner I help enhance it and revive the bleached hair strands. I've been using Grow Gorgeous Density Conditioner Intense since my hair is already on the thicker side I figure having a little extra boost wouldn't hurt, in fact this could help the growing process to have healthy and luscious hair as I'm letting it grow out again. Any conditioner with coconut oil should also work, but always make sure you leave it on for at least 5-10 minutes.

3- Invest in a good hair and scalp mask or deep conditioner: After Summer's heat during those beach and pool days, hair tends to get a bit more damaged, so it's always good to treat yourself and dedicate some extra time to nourish. GG's Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask Intense was great, with just using it once I immediately noticed a change in my hair, it was softer, shinier and more manageable.  

4- The less hot tools the better: We all know heat and hair don't mix well but it is sometimes necessary, I don't straighten or curl my hair too often, most times I let it air dry and add some argan oil at the ends and I find this works best for me when I'm growing it out. 

(Granted, like I said before, I'm no hair expert and I don't guarantee that you will have the same results, I'm just sharing my experience with you after using this product, I like to keep my opinion as honest as possible, I do not get paid to post this, I simply get the opportunity to try the product and when I really like something I like to share it with you) 

I hope these little tips help if any of you should need it. I'm excited to let my hair grow out again, with the colder months coming, long hair is necessary for me since it keeps me warmer. I'm also stoked to be trying for the first time a Hair Thickening/Grow Serum
I always wanted to give one a try and see the results. I shall keep you guys posted on that later on, hopefully I'll have longer hair again sooner than I thought. Click here to find any of Grow Gorgeous hair products.

Thanks for reading! feel free to leave a comment or any questions you may have! <3

- Angie 

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