Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fall Nine Times, Get Up Ten

To all of our readers and people who've been supporting our creative work since the beginning, this post is for you. A lot as has happened in the last couple of months and after not blogging for some time, today I wanted to sit and explain our absence from social media and our blog. 
Some of you may know (if you follow our Instagram) that two months ago Matt suffered a terrible injury on his right hand and he needed emergency surgery (cutting six tendons in three of his fingers). This would be the second surgery in one year and first time ever needing any type of surgery, so both times were scary for of us, but more so him. Watching my husband go through all the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain through this year is something no one ever wants for their significant other, let alone their better half go through such anguish. All I could do during this time is be there showing love, support, and literally be his right hand.
Life has a way of throwing things at you when you least expect them, but I've learned to accept that sometimes you need to deal with tough situations and it's during the hardest moments of our lives that we have always stayed closer together. We're all we've got and we know that as long as we stay strong and don't let our dreams go out the door everything will eventually get us to a better place. 
After his hand surgery he has been going to Physical Therapy and is slowly getting better and as some of you may know how tough it is living in this country without health insurance - it's never easy. Financially it has been a burden but none the less we are two highly creative people who can't let life's woes beat us down nor keep us there. We are and have been resilient our entire lives and this is no different - we've done it alone but trust, we do it better together.
So with all of that, a few things changed and I am now working alongside with him, something we both have been wanting for a while, to work together creatively. I now enjoy working as a visual merchandiser for a men's luxury shop in Denver supporting Matt as he is visual director. As well, I chopped my hair off which has no relevance to what I'm writing about but really was also a way of shaking off negative energy (as he also shaved his beard - little fresh start). Also I ended a couple of relationships that served me no good with people whom I thought were my friends and even though Matt sliced his hand we needed to cut the bullshit out of our lives. The truest of friends are with you during the hardest of times and many people around us showed their true colors. Sometimes those things are necessary, it cleanses your soul and spirit and it makes you see things in a better perspective. 
We received such loving and kind words from many - especially partnerships we've garnished with brands that wanted to work together still but wanted to see us get back on our feet properly first. As much as we enjoy photography, social media and blogging is not the main priority in our lives, our family and health will always be first and so from now on we will be posting at our own pace.
We wanted to thank all of those of you who reached out during these difficult times, we both truly appreciate your concerns, support and love for us and we'll always be grateful to have a little community of people from all over the world who take an interest in what we do. Much love from the Sayers.

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