Wednesday, February 20, 2019



I've been really missing warmer days, anyone else feel the same? These past two weeks has been  brutal in Colorado with super low temps and lots of snow days, so I wanted to post these shots from a much warmer winter day wearing the second look I created for Lulu's. They were so kind to ask me to pick three full looks and style them, this was the second one I ended up choosing and I just wanted to share the results.

 I've been trying not to let the winter blues get to me, keeping busy with little projects here and there and trying to still create even when sometimes I just want to stay indoors and sit on the couch while binge watching The Office episodes over and over again, but I've been pushing myself to stay active even if it's indoors, because I've learned the importance of  it and the roll it plays in our overall physical and mental health. I'm glad Spring is just around the corner though, hopefully we'll get better weather soon enough. 
I feel like most times I'm just complaining about the weather here, is not that it's not beautiful, but you guys know I'm not a winter person though I've learned to deal with it. 
Sometimes I wonder how this Caribbean girl ended up in not one, but two of the coldest states in the U.S.
Anyway, I hope you're all staying warm and safe out there, I know that days like these make me appreciate the warmer ones way more and I just can't wait for Summer to get here already.

What I'm Wearing
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